Warranty: Scooters and Ebikes LIMITED ONE YEAR /1000 Mile WARRANTY.  The Swerve and Flex  Limited 90 Day WARRANTY: The electric motor, battery, controller, main frame assembly, converter, and wheels of the Vehicle are warranted as free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year or 1000 miles of operation, whichever first occurs, from the documented date of purchase from nümi Scooters.

LIMITED 90 Day WARRANTY: All remaining components of the Vehicle not specified otherwise and all other original equipment options and accessories supplied by nümi Scooters are warranted as free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days of operation, from the documented date of purchase from nümi scooters.

A. Abuse or neglect such as overcharging, undercharging, improper battery fluid levels, loose wiring, or rusted or corroded hardware;
B. Lack of proper maintenance as outlined in the vehicle owner’s manual;
C. Damages caused by improper installation of a component;
D. Vehicles charged by systems other than the OEM Charger;
E. Neglect, breakage, freezing, fire, explosion, wreckage, the addition of any chemical, or the operation of the battery in an uncharged condition (below half charge);
F. Semiconductor parts such as diodes and fuses which are vulnerable to electrical overloads (including lightning) beyond the control of nümi Scooters.

Excluded from any nümi Scooters warranty are all fuses, filters, decals (except safety decals), light bulbs, lubricants, trim pieces, seats, routine wear items such as the charger plug and receptacle, brake shoes, belts, brushes, bushings, mats and pads, maintenance adjustments, cosmetic deterioration, and items which deteriorate or fail due to exposure or ordinary wear and tear. Also excluded from any nümi Scooters warranty is damage to a vehicle or component resulting from a cause other than a defect including unreasonable or unintended strain or use, improper installation of accessories, installation of parts or accessories that are not original equipment, overloading, accident, alteration, abuse or neglect. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing in any way, and as part of its limited warranty exclusion, nümi Scooters does not warrant that the original nümi Scooters components are suitable for use in any application other than its products. As in the use of any electrical device, a prudent owner will read and study the charger owner’s manual, the electric vehicle owner’s manual, the operator instructions, and the battery warning labels; and will exercise due care in working on or around electrical devices. Transportation and labor expenses for warranty services are also excluded from this warranty.

2. This warranty extends to the original purchaser of the product warranted hereunder, and to each transferee owner of the product during the term of the warranty.

3. In the event of a defect, malfunction, or other failure of the product not caused by any misuse or damage to the product while in the possession of the consumer, the warrantor will remedy the failure or defect, without charge to the consumer, within 6-8 weeks. The remedy will consist of repair or replacement of the product, or refund of the purchase price, at the warrantor’s option. However, the warrantor will not elect refund unless it is unable to provide replacement, and repair is not commercially practicable and cannot be made within the time for performance, or unless the consumer is willing to accept such refund. Refund will be for the fair market value of the product at time of request and is based on the date purchased. Shipping charges of $65 will be charged to customer for return of product.

4. If this product or one of its component parts contains a defect or malfunction, after a reasonable number of attempts by the warrantor to remedy the defects or malfunctions, the consumer is entitled to either a refund or replacement of the product or its component part or parts. Replacement of a component part includes its free installation.

5. The term of this warranty begins on the date the product is delivered to the consumer, and continues for a period of one year/1000 miles.

6. To obtain performance of any obligation under this warranty, the consumer must
1) Contact nümi Scooters to receive an RMA #
2) Package securely and ship product back to:
Numi Scooters
Attn: WARRANTY CLAIM RMA# __________
1286 South 7th Street
DeKalb, IL 60115

To obtain information on warranty performance, call 888-591-NUMI (6864).

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Q: How fast do nümi electric scooters and ebikes travel?

A: The maximum speed an electric scooter or ebike will travel depends on road conditions and elevation.

Quadhopper Elite 800 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Elite 820 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Elite 840 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Flex 400 Electric Scooter
17 mph
Quadhopper Sport 600 eBike
12.4 mph
Quadhopper Sport 620A and 620B eBike
16 mph
Quadhopper Sport 640 eBike
16 mph

Q: How far will my nümi electric scooter and/or ebike travel on a single charge? 

A: The maximum range an electric scooter or ebike will travel on a single charge depends on road conditions, elevation and speed. Driving on wet roads, at an incline, and/or at full acceleration and speed will cause a reduction in range traveled. A slower acceleration and moderate speed is advised to achieve the maximum possible range.

Quadhopper Elite 800 Electric Scooter
37.2 miles
Quadhopper Elite 820 Electric Scooter
43.4 miles
Quadhopper Elite 840 Electric Scooter
46.6 miles
Quadhopper Flex 400 Electric Scooter

24.8 miles

Quadhopper Sport 600 eBike

31 miles

Quadhopper Sport 620A and 620B eBike
38 miles
Quadhopper Sport 640 eBike
44 miles

Q: Can I drive my electric scooter on the road?

A: All Quadhopper Elite electric scooters require a license plate and can be ridden on roads that permit Low Speed Vehicles (according to your state).

The Quadhopper Flex 400 electric scooter and Quadhopper Sport 600, 620A, 620B, and 640 ebikes can be ridden on the roads or sidewalks in accordance with bicycle laws in your state and local government.

Q: How do I handle potential maintenance?

A: nümi products require very little maintenance. Parts can be purchased from nümi and installed by a local agent or bicycle/vehicle repair shop.

If you need replacement parts, please email parts@numiscooters.com. We will determine if the part is in or out of warranty. If you choose to buy protection insurance (optional), we will replace the part free of charge regardless of warranty.

Q: After ordering, when and how do I receive possession of my electric scooter and/or ebike?

A: You have several delivery options:

  1. Immediate delivery to your current address.
  2. Immediate delivery to another address other than your billing address (such as in the case of a gift).
  3. Delivery directly to your college or university during move-in week. (Delivery will occur with other student-ordered scooters and ebikes.) You will be notified several weeks in advance regarding the time and location for your pick up. If you miss your pick-up time, an additional $50 charge will be applied for delivery.

    Expected delivery is estimated to be between 5 and 10 days from the date of purchase. 

    Q: What is the return policy?

    A: Your satisfaction is important to us. You have 7 days to return your electric scooter and/or ebike for a full refund. Returned products that are used or have cosmetic damage will not be accepted for a refund.