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On an electric scooter or an ebike, we help get students where they’re going in a fun, stylish, eco-friendly manner. nümi Scooters is dedicated to next-generation transportation—free delivery on all electric scooters and ebikes to high school seniors, college kids, city dwellers and anyone who appreciates the benefits of quiet, clean, electric-powered transportation.

Rainforest Foundation

nümi Scooters is environmentally-aware, and dedicated to zero-emission, eco-friendly transportation. Aligned with the beliefs of the Rainforest Foundation, we’re pleased to support their mission by donating 2% of each nümi scooter sale.

AASHE Member

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) works to empower our world’s future leaders to solve sustainability challenges. As a proud member of AASHE, nümi continues to spread awareness around the benefits of electric-powered transportation alternatives.


The Rainforest Foundation and nümi Scooters announce a Partnership for the Protection of the Rainforest

October 22, 2015

Sycamore, Illinois, October 22, 2015—An ambitious national start up involved in eco-friendly, electric transportation has formed a partnership with Rainforest Foundation for the purposes of donating 2% of its sales toward the protection of the rainforest. The founder of nümi Scooters, Ron Glogovsky, is both an entrepreneur and father of five, who’s passionate about the environment and the growing issue of climate change. Building a company on green-values, while evolving next-generation transportation, is both a natural fit and a worthy cause.  “Marketing eco-friendly products to the next generation is important,” says Glogovsky, “to help promote environmental awareness and an eco-friendly lifestyle as they get older.”  Glogovsky, for example, only drives electric cars and believes the likelihood that his children will...

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Q: How fast do nümi electric scooters and ebikes travel?

A: The maximum speed an electric scooter or ebike will travel depends on road conditions and elevation.

Quadhopper Elite 800 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Elite 820 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Elite 840 Electric Scooter
25 mph
Quadhopper Flex 400 Electric Scooter
17 mph
Quadhopper Sport 600 eBike
12.4 mph
Quadhopper Sport 620A and 620B eBike
16 mph
Quadhopper Sport 640 eBike
16 mph

Q: How far will my nümi electric scooter and/or ebike travel on a single charge? 

A: The maximum range an electric scooter or ebike will travel on a single charge depends on road conditions, elevation and speed. Driving on wet roads, at an incline, and/or at full acceleration and speed will cause a reduction in range traveled. A slower acceleration and moderate speed is advised to achieve the maximum possible range.

Quadhopper Elite 800 Electric Scooter
37.2 miles
Quadhopper Elite 820 Electric Scooter
43.4 miles
Quadhopper Elite 840 Electric Scooter
46.6 miles
Quadhopper Flex 400 Electric Scooter

24.8 miles

Quadhopper Sport 600 eBike

31 miles

Quadhopper Sport 620A and 620B eBike
38 miles
Quadhopper Sport 640 eBike
44 miles

Q: Can I drive my electric scooter on the road?

A: All Quadhopper Elite electric scooters require a license plate and can be ridden on roads that permit Low Speed Vehicles (according to your state).

The Quadhopper Flex 400 electric scooter and Quadhopper Sport 600, 620A, 620B, and 640 ebikes can be ridden on the roads or sidewalks in accordance with bicycle laws in your state and local government.

Q: How do I handle potential maintenance?

A: nümi products require very little maintenance. Parts can be purchased from nümi and installed by a local agent or bicycle/vehicle repair shop.

If you need replacement parts, please email We will determine if the part is in or out of warranty. If you choose to buy protection insurance (optional), we will replace the part free of charge regardless of warranty.

Q: After ordering, when and how do I receive possession of my electric scooter and/or ebike?

A: You have several delivery options:

  1. Immediate delivery to your current address.
  2. Immediate delivery to another address other than your billing address (such as in the case of a gift).
  3. Delivery directly to your college or university during move-in week. (Delivery will occur with other student-ordered scooters and ebikes.) You will be notified several weeks in advance regarding the time and location for your pick up. If you miss your pick-up time, an additional $50 charge will be applied for delivery.

    Expected delivery is estimated to be between 5 and 10 days from the date of purchase. 

    Q: What is the return policy?

    A: Your satisfaction is important to us. You have 7 days to return your electric scooter and/or ebike for a full refund. Returned products that are used or have cosmetic damage will not be accepted for a refund.